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Ever wondered why your Agile journey has not delivered the outcomes you were looking for? Fin and Haydn take you beyond the process, planning and control thinking of the past in this practical toolkit laying out how to execute on digital transformation.

Mark Simons

Global Cloud Programme Director, Aviva PLC

Training in real business agility

Flow Academy’s Flow Ambassador course.

Flow Academy launched its Flow Ambassador course at the end of August with more courses planned from December 2018. The course enables people to advocate and develop faster and more agile ways to work across the business through setting up Flow teams and using Flow principles.

Learning Outcomes


  • Advocacy for real business agility and avoiding the traps set by other agile frameworks
  • Working in extreme visual environments
  • Harnessing the power of increased social interaction
  • Visual approaches to critical non-essential methods in work
  • Hosting conversations that move teams beyond consensus

Value-seeking behaviour

  • Developing an end-to-end framework for value creation
  • Improving predictive insights into emerging customer niches, needs and aspirations
  • Better targeted innovation and resource use
  • Reduce waste in the flow
  • The Flow Value Stack for comprehensive value management

Co-creating Processes

  • The principles of process co-design
  • Designing work in a real-time visual environment
  • Descaling work to make it manageable
  • Moving to a shorter and faster cadence of work
  • Designing work for multidisciplinary teams

New Methods

  • Visualisation as a comprehensive process design environment
  • Moving beyond personas to real segments
  • Asset discovery and targeted innovation
  • Goal setting
  • Breaking work down
  • Workflow and critical non-essentials
  • Informal just-in-time quality control
  • Flexible goals and internal debate.


  • Introduction to Flow
  • The role of visualisation
  • Visualising authentic customer-centricity and value points
  • Using segment insights to target innovation at value
  • Setting goals from insights
  • Managing flexible goals in a matrix of innovation
  • Descaling work to manage the matrix
  • Work breakdown practices that target value and quality
  • Checking in with customers
  • Implementing Flow


A Flow Ambassador certificate is evidence that you have not only attended the course but are able to advocate for a better way to work and know how to guide people towards that objective.

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